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Notion Business Hub

Manage your business stress free.

Seamless Business organisation and management to effortlessly manage business tasks, projects and clients. Experience unparalleled efficiency and organization in one convenient platform

★★★★★ 100+ happy business owners

Notion Business Hub is an all-in-one hub for businesses, companies, freelancers, creators and agencies


A state of the art tool to manage all of your business from one place.

Perfectly suited for

💼 Businesses

🎥 Creators

🏢 Agencies

👨🏼‍💻 Freelancers

Effortless Project Management System

Create tasks for projects and assign them to your team members. Business Hub lets you manage your assignee pay according to the tasks assigned to them.

The interactive Weekly Timeline view gives you an overview of all your tasks in that week.

Never miss a Task with the Overdue Task feature.

Manage your Team

Add team members, track their tasks, and manage their payments.

Individual view for every team member lets them zone out and focus on their tasks without any distractions

All-In-One Finance Tracking

Keep track of all your financial activities including incomes, expenses, Team payments and invoices.

Client management made simple

Set up pipeline stages and keep an eye on your clients' projects, meetings, and invoices hassle-free.

Promote your business the right way

Build your audience on social media platforms. Manage your content and publishing schedule.

Run ad campaigns and track its expenses.

A Systematic approach to your Business

This comprehensive template has everything you need to streamline your operations and take your business to the next level. Everything is connected together, from invoicing and task management to lead tracking and project collaboration.

Manage projects and tasks in an effective way. Track the the costs and the team fees

Have a clear view of your finances and track your profits. Manage Invoices and team pays

Easily collaborate with your team. See individual performances and views.

Add in your Company goals and divide them into Key Results.

Set up pipeline and track your clients' projects, meetings, and invoices.

Schedule meetings and discuss important topics. Invite team members and add meeting notes

Add relevant notes and resources and make an information hub.

Build your audience, manage your content, publishing schedule and run Ad campaigns

What others are saying

I have to say that Business Hub is an amazing time saver. My team and I can run our business with ease.

Jane Cooper

Medium sized Business Owner

For the first time we have an easy to use, comprehensive, and affordable software to manage our Agency. I recommend Business Hub to any business looking to streamline their processes.


Freelance Agency Owner

This is what I was looking for! One system that I can use to manage My youtube channel with my team. Absolutely Amazing!



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